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Cored Wire

Cored wire is fabricated into a tubular wire with a calculated mixture of alloys uniquely blended together; such as CaSi, Carbon, etc.

The blended mixture is then metered into the wire during the fabrication process, producing special alloy cored or flux cored wire in various diameters, depending on customers’ requirements and needs.

Advantages of Cored Wires:

  1. Wire feeding technology can make fine adjustments to the chemistry of metal. Wire feeding technology can also Increase alloy element's recycling rate.

  2. The steel liquid treated by wire feeding technology is stable and well-mixed, Secondary oxidation will be avoided. The mixture will speed up to float. The steel liquid will be clear and well mixed.

  3. Wire feeding can prevent air from being brought into the steel liquid.

  4. Wire feeding technology has good adaptability, needs small investment, and has a good application range.

  5. Wire feeding technology needs simple facilities, simple operations, and is environmentally friendly.


Ca-Fe Cored Wire


Fe-Ti Cored Wire


S Cored Wire


Ca-Si Cored Wire


C Cored Wire


Ca Cored Wire
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