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Ca-Si Cored Wire

Ca-Si cored wire is the ideal deoxidizer of refining special steel and alloy steel, also is the reductant of producing core technology is the rise in recent years as a means of refining furnace is widely used in modern practice of steel wire feeding technology. Alloy cored wire can used to purity the liquid steel to practice, to change inclusion morphology properties of the alloy, can significantly improve the recovery rate,reduce training costs of steel, its. Economic effect is remarkable. 

The active element in Ca-Si is calcium. For aluminum-silicon-killed steels, Calcium treatment by CaSi is normally cheaper than by pure Calcium products. For the molten steel, calcium treatment is a must.

Calcium is used to transform alumina into low melting point calcium-aluminates, avoiding nozzle clogging as well as to control the shape of oxide and sulfide inclusions. During the course of deoxidation and inclusion transformation, efficient calcium treatment plays a very critical role.

With advantages as below:

Eliminate alumina nozzle clogging, spheroidize oxide and sulphide inclusions which increases the tranverse toughness and strength of steel. Improve steel purity.

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