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Artificial Intelligence -
Big Data Analysis 

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Artificial Intelligence - Big Data Analysis

We are pioneers of coaching personnel in various industries for process improvement, through utilizing BIG DATA knowledge and techniques.

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Why Artificial Intelligence - Big Data Analytics?

Artificial Intelligence - Big Data Analysis allow us to see: 

  • Deeply, accurately and in real time systems are working.

  • Energy and resources consumptions.

  • Optimizing occupant health, comfort.​​

  • Enhanced decision making and process optimization.

  • Fault finding, decrease Non Productive Time and save maintenance cost.


With Artificial Intelligence - Big Data Analytics support, system providers can strip Millions of Dollars from the energy and maintenance bills.

Therefore, the challenge of Artificial Intelligence - Big Data Analytics starts with big data management and then the analytics.

Benefits of improving system using
Big Data Analytics:

  • No Capex

  • Risk-Free investment

  • High return

  • Leading far ahead of other competitors

  • Quick result

  • Minimum non-productive time

Data Lake regroup various sources of data:

  • To generate smart data. 

  • To anticipate predictive maintenance-improve reliability.

  • To optimize cooling and heating process streams.

  • To monitor efficiency of the control systems.

  • To enhance team's capabilities

What you expect from Artificial Intelligence - Big Data Analytics?

  • Automatically updating the structured/Smart data.

  • Live KPI for faster decision making.

  • Make your own taylor-made dashboard for better monitoring.

  • Find the most relevant parameters that optimize your targets.

  • Find unexpected solutions.

  • Same time-improve your investigations.

  • Create information platforms for facility managers and sustainability leaders.

Supply Chain Management

We create the most reliable Supply Chain and operational process by understanding your business complexity  and the intrinsic nature of its variation.

Application across the Supply Chain:

  • Demand Management

  • Demand Analysis and Forecasting

  • Procurement Planning

  • Material Requirement Planning

  • Master Production Scheduling

  • Vendor Manage Inventory (VMI)

  • Warehousing & Logistics

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