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Steel Consulting Service

​Conversion Cost reduction service:

Our team uses modeling and simulation to improve the process parameters in order to optimize the conversion costs. That includes the optimization of slag, the foaming slag, the arc, the vibration of the secondary mechanical system (electrode columns, arms and masts).

Productivity Improvement service:

Our team is a world-class expert in arc furnace process and have proven records of improving productivity in many electrical steel-making shops around the world.

Training Service
  • Benchmarking of your arc furnace

  • Tool kit to improve productivity in arc furnace

  • Total energy modeling and factors that influence         energy  consumption

  • How to improve refining in ladle metallurgical furnace

  • Electrical principles in arc furnace

  • Chemical energy use and abuse

  • Mode of graphite electrode consumption

Design and revamping of arc furnace

a- Electrical design and equipment (transformer, SVC,)

b- Conceptual optimal design (water cool elements, ...)

ALTech Arc Monitoring Service consists in monitoring the process parameters by installing a dedicated equipment and software that collect data (process and other) and real-time analyse the data with sophisticated data mining algorithm

Our expert and technical team will help yo to optimize you metal throughput and insure you the best financial return.

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