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ARC Service

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ARC    Furnace Optimization Service


Our team of experts provide you with an on-spot optimisation service that helps you, on site or remotely, to gain insights and improve the performance of your arc furnace process (Regulation, Tap to Tap, Vibration, Graphite Electrode Consumption…)

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State of the Art Device

​The ARC   instrument is able to take electrical parameter measurements at a ultra high rate, (Up to 18'000 Hz) and it is able to be connected securely to PLC


Safety first

​In addition it can be remotely controlled through its own broadcasted WiFi, so there is no need to enter the transformer room, and it can be connected safely while the furnace is arcing, i.e. in power on mode

Easy setup, No expert needed on site

​The Device is sent to arc furnace user

The Device is connected very simply and safely to the arc furnace by any maintenance technician like a USB plug and play


Examples of additional parameters measured with optional hardware
  • Process IDs & Parameters

  • ​Carbon Injection On-Off

  • Oxygen, Natural Gas Total Flow

  • Cooling Water Inlet, Outlet Temp (Shell, Roof)

  • Electrical Positions and Speed

  • Regulator Output Signals

  • Temperature Measurement


​Electrical measurements (Current, Voltage, Active Power, Reactive Power…) are controlled through web interface as well as through the control module.

​Electrical parameters can be visualised and analysed live or stored for later analysis

Digital ARC   Actual Graph Analysis

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