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Ca-Fe Cored Wire

The calcium iron cored wire functions as the deoxidizer and the desulfurizer in the process of steel-smelting production, mainly applied to cold heading steel, pipe line steel, and other low-silicon steel types. Its core power material is metal calcium and pure iron powder. Its deoxidized outcome – CaO is also mingled and combined with Al2O3 system in the liquid steel to generate 7 Al2O3.12CaO sinter of low-melting point, thus to avoid the effect of nozzle blockage arising from condensation of casting nozzle mingled with Al2O3 system, so as to ensure a smooth continuous casting production. The desulfurized outcome floats upwards very easily to be removed, so as to enhance the plasticity and tenacity of steel.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 5.07.40 PM.png
CaFe cored wire_1.jpg
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