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ALTech GROUP welcomes Geraldo FERREIRA as the new AST Technology CEO of Americas

ALTech - AST GROUP, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Geraldo Ferreira as CEO for the Americas operations. Mr. Ferreira will lead the GROUP activities in the Americas and will be based in San Jose - CA. His mission will focus on expanding ALTech's and AST-Technology's business and growing the revenue from the ALTech proven high-quality products and AST services portfolio.

Since EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) steelmaking will contribute to a critical role in moving towards green, carbon-neutral steel and decarbonization of the steel industry, graphite electrodes will be key to achieve those GHG targets. Mr. Ferreira will lead a scaling of the business and the implementation of new warehouses in North and South America. He will build on the success of AST Big Data Analytics Solution (AST-BDA), the world leading Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution focusing mainly on Industrial processes in the Metals, Petrochemicals, Oil, Gas and Mining Industry.

In his function Mr Ferreira will propel a key strategic investment in North America, i.e. a Green Field Synthetic Graphite Anode Powder plant which is a Strategic Material contributing to 30% of the Lithium Battery which plays an important role in facilitating the transition from global dependence on fossil fuels to clean energy sources and reducing the US dependence on foreign suppliers.

Mr. Ferreira is a business leader who worked as a commercial leader in the Americas. He brings 22 years of experience in steelmaking and non-ferrous metallurgy. Mr Ferreira holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from UFRJ, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and M.B.A. from F.G.V., Getulio Vargas Foundation from Brazil.

Mr Ferreira says:

I am thrilled and honored to join the ALTech – AST GROUP in the Americas and I am excited to lead the disruptive technology that ALTech-AST is developing now for the Americas Market spanning from the Anode powder essential element of e-mobility to the Artificial Intelligence.

Dr Said Alameddine

ALTech Group is a fast-growing group providing products, software, engineering and services to the Metals, Petrochemicals and Chemicals for Oilfield. ALTech - AST Technology team of experts focus on green technology and reduction of carbon dioxide emission (green energy and hydrogen, green steel, synthetic graphite), biotechnology (use of enzyme in oilfield production replacing chemicals), e-mobility (Li-Battery, Anode powder) and big data analytics (artificial intelligence). The company aim to redefine a new era of innovation for a sustainable and socially responsible industry.


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