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Ferro Titanium

Ferro-titanium is used by stainless steel makers as a stabilizer to prevent chromium carbide forming at grain boundaries and in the production of low carbon steels for sheet production.

Ferro-titanium is manufactured by melting titanium scrap (sponge, chips and solids) with iron in an induction furnace.


We have an extensive scrap processing operation to identify and control titanium scrap. All raw material is analytically tested by an independent assayer before dispatch to the production plant. The ingot is tested and then verified after crushing to ensure accuracy of analysis.


  • 1mt bags

  • To your specification

Available Size:

  • 0-2mm

  • 2-10mm

  • 5-30mm

  • 10-50mm


Chemical Property 

Material Standard Specification

  • Ti :  30% to 35% (Approx)

  • Si :  2% to 4% (Approx)

  • C  :  1.5% max. (Approx)

  • S  :  0.04% (Approx)

  • P  :  0.03% (Approx)

  • Al :  6% (Approx)

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