Heavy Alkyl

Benzene (HAB)


Heavy alkyl benzene (HAB) is a byproduct in the process of linear alkyl benzene (LAB) production. It is used as heat transfer oil and lubricating greases. In this article the potential of the usage of HAB in the formulation of gasoline and diesel engine oils as well as hydraulic fluid is indicated. With the aim of passing 5W30, 5W40, 10W40, and 15W40 standards, different engine oils have been formulated.




Test field of the recent oils designate that they have good performance. In the next step, different blends of HAB as major component and polyisobutene (PIB) as minor component have successfully been employed in the formulation of several ISO grade hydraulic fluids. The achieved materials do have suitable air release and demulsibility.

The formulations contain various amounts of HAB as minor component, and miscellaneous quantities of solvent neutral 100 (SN-100), SN-150, and SN-650 as major component. The measurement of typical properties of obtained oils indicates that some of them do have the intended criteria.