About Us

ALTech offers a wide range of products in Metals, Petrochemicals and Chemicals for Oilfield. Our team of experts is dedicated to provide you with the finest quality products and cost effective services

Our team is dedicated to create alpha return to our customers across Europe Middle-East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Our Market and Technical Experts are sensitive to market changes and adapt timely to it to provide our customers with added value services and lowest total cost of ownership.

ALTech has a dedicated staff of highly experienced and trained professionals who aim to give the best service in Metals, Petrochemicals and Chemicals for Oilfield industry.

Our Vision

To be a leader in Metals, Petrochemicals and Chemicals for oilfield distribution and supplying across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa  

Our Mission

To provide our customer with their needs in term of Metals, Petrochemicals and Chemicals of oilfield in a simple, consistent and efficient manner

Our Value

Ethical and Responsible while maintaining a resilient supply chain, offering the best product's quality with competitive prices